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About Us

“Royal Restorations” as a design build company evolved from my experience as an Interior designer and years of construction experience. As a designer I realized that building a business to help people make their home their dream home would take a combining of elegant design and superior craftsmanship. Creating the right design and building it with quality could create elegant interiors. Then our goal is to make that happen at reasonable prices. We started out as a kitchen and bath design company, but quickly evolved by adding the building of additions and exterior design activities.

Royal Restorations Is A Referral Based Business

We have grown from happy customer referrals to their friends and neighbors. In today’s construction environment there is always a challenge to find the right craftsman and offer the cutting edge of design products. The remodeling experience is always a challenge for us and the homeowner, because it somewhat disrupts their life for a while, but in the end the excitement of moving into that place that you dreamed of make the journey worth the challenge.